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For Sale: 3 RC Scale Tugboats

Mark Weber is thinning down his fleet of RC tugboats.  Feel free to e-mail him if you’re interested.  All boats are in San Diego.

Tug #1:  Seaport Tugboat with Lots of Upgrades  SOLD

  • Asking Price: $130.00
  • Runs great on 6-7.4v.  6v battery included.
  • Radio:  You supply a transmitter & receiver, and the rest is ready to run.
  • Length: 24″
  • Width: 6″
  • Upgrades:  I gutted and significantly upgrade the original toy boat.
    • Deck:  The deck has been stripped down, filled, and simplified.
    • Towing:  I added a custom towing bit that I 3D printed.  It’s bolted to the deck via big strong washers and can be used for towing.
    • Pushing:  I outfitted the front with an array of fun tires that I salvaged from various toys.
    • Fire monitor:  I created a custom fire monitor system that includes a brass nozzle, water pickup, filter and a receiver controlled switch.  It sprays about 5-6 feet.
    • Motor:  New low RPM motor, perfect for tugboats.  ESC included with Anderson Powerpole connectors.  I’ll knock $20 off the asking price if you don’t want this ESC.
    • Prop & Shaft:  I put in a new prop shaft, stuffing tube, and 3 blade prop.  I was able to fit this nicely to the existing kort nozzle for good power.
    • Servo:  Includes a modern steering servo.
  • I had a lot of fun overhauling and upgrading this boat.  I’m happy to pass it along.  It would be perfect for someone who wants a retrieval boat or a great tugboat to enjoy with the kids.


Tug #2:  Springer Push Tug  SOLD

  • Asking Price: $100.00
  • Runs great on 6-12v.  6v battery included.
  • Radio:  You supply a transmitter & receiver, and the rest is ready to run.
  • Length: 19″
  • Width: 7.5″
  • Upgrades:
    • Cabin:  I replaced the previously heavy cabin with this light weight one.  This makes it a ton more stable in the water.  You can paint this cabin to your taste or keep it as is.
    • Pushing:  This design is perfect for retrieving other boats by pushing them into short.
    • Motor:  New 12V motor has plenty of power. ESC included with Anderson Powerpole connectors.
    • Prop & Shaft:  Good power through the kort nozzle.
    • Servo:  Includes a modern steering servo.
    • Lights.  Navigation lights can be powered by attached 3V battery pack with a male JST connector.
  • Here’s a tough little boat that can be handy for pushing in another boat.


Tug #3:  Unbuilt Scale Shipyard “Carol Moran” – Harbor Tugboat Fiberglass Kit  SOLD

  • Asking Price: $130.00
  • For sale is a fiberglass tugboat kit called the “Carol Moran.” Scale is 1/48.
  • You can check details on the Scale Shipyard website such as original costs of this kit. Lee Upshaw makes some of the best hulls on the market.
    Most orders from Lee take time for him to create. This is a real gem that’s ready to ship.
    • Fiberglass hull, stack and superstructure
    • Fittings
    • Plans, motor, esc, prop, and anything else not shown in photos.





Videos from 2016 Model Boat Parade of Lights

Filmed from David Manley’s RC Yacht.

Filmed from Mark Weber’s dock in our RC harbor.

The San Diego Argonauts kicked off the Christmas season with our own RC Model Boat Parade of Lights around the San Diego Model Boat Pond. Public joined, and we had a fantastic turnout of 20+ boats and around 100 spectators. Our thanks to KUSI for morning coverage of the event!

Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: San Diego Model Yacht Pond

Ideas for easy RC model boat lights.

LED Light Strings
EL Wire (electroluminescent wire)

In case you’re new to the mini Parade of Lights, here’s a video from January 2015:

Come join us on a Saturday morning at the San Diego Model Boat Pond or on Facebook.

2016 Scale Boat Fun Run

We had an awesome Scale Boat Fun Run this past Saturday. It featured a navigation course with islands, barge pulling, a great lunch and a solid raffle. Despite the overcast day, we had a great turnout from the San Diego, Los Angeles, & Riverside areas.

More photos & videos:

Our next Scale Boat Division event:

Setting up the course:

The 2016 San Diego Argonauts Scale Boat Fun Run:


For Sale: 1/144 scale USS Lassen DDG


RC Scale Military Ship for Sale:

Selling my one 1/144 scale USS Lassen DDG, it’s 40 inches long and comes with two battery packs and four channel radio and runs well. For pick up in San Diego only I will not deliver or ship, price is $300.

Contact David Manley for more info:


Task Force 96 Santee Lakes Run Photos & Videos

A number of the San Diego Argonauts Scale Boats guys also run with Task Force 96, which is a Scale Boat group that builds and runs incredible 1:96 or 1:100 scale models.  He had a great run on December 6, 2014 commemorating the anniversary of the December 7 attack on Pearl Harbor.Task Force 96 2014Photos: 2014_12_06–Task Force 96 Santee Lakes Run (Album 1 of 2) 2014_12_06–Task Force 96 Santee Lakes Run (Album 2 of 2) Videos: