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Warship Combat in Balboa Park

Big gun RC combat warships in the middle of Balboa Park?

The Battle Pond at San Diego Maker Faire was a huge hit. What a well oil machine/team the Western Warship Combat Club (WWCC) is!  The WWCC set up its Battle Pond in the middle of San Diego Maker Faire. Club members slugged it out shooting & sinking each other with up to 1/4″ steel balls.

Game play involved two teams targeting the other team’s convoy. Cargo ships were unarmed and captained by kids from the audience!

1:144 Scale Combat Ships present:

  • USS Iowa
  • HMS Hood
  • HMS Rodney,
  • HMS Kent class (7 ea.)
  • Battleship Roma
  • DKM Bismarck
  • DKM Graf Spee
  • DKM Deutschland
  • DKM Z-23
  • C-3 cargo ships (7 each)

Not only did a dozen guys & gals travel down from San Francisco, but they spent countless hours planning, transporting, and constructing the 72’x40′ Battle Pond.  Thursday, they and local volunteers built the pond itself. Friday was building polycarbonate shielding walls.

Many thanks to San Diego Argonauts volunteers Jeff Sparksworthy, David Alvarez, Greg Dawe, David Manley, Ken Wilson, Mark Weitzman, Socorro Weitzman, Jarod Black, and Zack Trahan!

After all that hard work, we had a private model boat pond in the middle of Balboa Park!


Photos from Thursday:

Photos from Friday:

Photos from Saturday:

Photos from Sunday:

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