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July 20th Points

The strongest winds of the year greeted our IOM and DF95 Fleets for July 20th Point Racing. Tropical moisture and heat made the winds feel heavier with some very turbulent gusts and direction changes. Several ‘Submarines’ were spotted. Thanks to RD Scotty Harris who took advantage of the strong winds to set Long Courses.

The winds didn’t slacken for the DF95 Fleet, but continued nearly straight down the pond with a slight northerly component. A combination of Medium and Long Courses were run by RD Chris Staiger.

July 6th Points…

Warm winds from the South required RD Pat Nevitt to set a Modified Olympic Course diagonally southwest across the pond for the Soling 50 Fleet. After the 3rd Race Break, the winds moved more southwesterly allowing Pat to set a (mostly) standard medium course:

While some massive holes remained, the winds trended more westerly for the Odom Fleet. RD Keith Sternal ran a series of medium courses for our largest Odom turnout of the year:

June 8th Points…

Clouds and Southerly winds greeted the DF95 Fleet as Point races began. Lots of shifts, holes and lead-changes were the order of the day as RD Jason Brooks chose courses to fit the conditions.

The winds picked up a bit, filled in and moved more westerly by the time the IOM‘s took to the pond. Racing was extremely tight as the fleet remained bunched throughout most of the heats. There were many lead changes; many occurring on the final leg!

June 1st Points: Odom & Soling 50

The ‘May Grey‘ is gone! But a bit of ‘June Gloom‘ lingered early in the day as the Odom Fleet began their monthly Points Races in strong yet shifty westerly winds. Thanks to RD David Stong who took charge of both Fleets, set the marks, called the courses and took the results:

For the Soling 50‘s, the winds slackened a bit but the sun cut through for a classic golden-blue San Diego spring afternoon!

Race Week Registration Deadline: 4 Days….


Entry Forms are located at the end of each NOR by Class.

DF95 – August 2nd – 4th, 2024:

Registration for the IOM Class is being administered directly through the USA IOM National Class Association:


Marblehead Class – August 8th, 2024:

ODOM Class – August 9th – 10th, 2024:

Soling 50 – August 11th, 2024:

Fun! Sun! Hot Dogs! WAR!!!!

Perfect weather for the DF95 Fun Regatta! Plenty of sun and 10 knot westerly (mostly) winds! For the first time in (recorded) history, the Argonauts engaged in Team Racing. Team Captains Kerim Baran and Dennis Rogers chose their respective squads from the skippers present and each was given a Red or Blue pennant to display at their masthead. Standard Racing Rules were used with the following changes: 1) 2-Boatlength Circles, 2) No ‘Proper Course’ restrictions after passing marks, and 3) No penalty for fouling Teammates. Since scores were aggregated for each Team, individual finishes were not as important as helping Teammates who were trying to hold off competitors. This resulted in numerous examples of Teammates intentionally slowing down or maneuvering to ‘gang-up’ on vulnerable opponents! Lots of dicey crosses, slam dunks, and luffing! Special thanks to our beloved ‘Dog-Meister’ Bob Williams who grilled all the Hot Dogs we could eat (and then some…), and Ben Reeve for scoring the Regatta! Results below:

DF95 R-8 Final Results:

CONGRATULATIONS to Mark Golison, the 2024 Region 8 Dragonflite95 Champion! Racing was extremely close with 2 of the top 5 positions being decided via tie-breaks. Thanks to our Race Committee Members who worked so hard to host this regatta and congratulations to our Corinthian Award Winner, Henry Johnson!

Video courtesy of Steve Ross & Kerim Baran:

March 16th Points

Light southerly winds greeted the IOM fleet as Point racing began today. RD Ben Reeve utilized several course options from Medium to Long to mix things up until the winds filled and moved more westerly.

Thanks to Kerim Baran for the Drone Footage!

DF95’s were next. Winds filled to over 7 knots and moved near true West by the time the DF95’s turn came. Again, RD Ben Reeve called Medium, Long and ‘Reverse Short’ (Yes: downwind start to a leeward gate…) courses resulting in tight racing with many lead changes.