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2018 RC Scale Boat Events

Dust off your boats and start prepping for these upcoming, awesome RC scale boating events!

We’ve created a series of themed events.  Bring your themed RC scale boats, and let’s have some fun!  For more information see our Facebook page or contact Jeff Sparksworthy

  • May 19 – “Tug-O-War”
    • Bring your tugs. We’ll measure their pulling power against a scale and have tugs pull each other across sight lines. We will also have a weighted barge pull.
    • 9:00am-noon
  • June 16-17 – “Mini Maker Faire”
    • Argonauts will exhibit at the Antique Gas and Steam Museum in Vista, CA.
    • All day Saturday and Sunday at one of the coolest museums you’ll ever visit!
    • Facebook link to event
  • June 23 – “Fun Run”
    • This would replace our Regatta with an unjudged navigation course.
    • Vote for best of show.
    • 9:00am-3:00pm with the Sailing Division invited to sail the islands starting at noon
    • Bring your own lunch.
    • Silent auction.
  • July 21 – “A Gray Day”
    • Bring your battleships, submarines (even though they’re black), flat tops, cruisers, mine sweepers, tin cans, landing craft, and cargo ships for a set of scale runs like a point to point speed burst races for destroyers, a convoy, and a “round the pond” task force cruise.  No sneak attacks allowed!
    • 9:00am-noon
  • August – Off the Pond
  • Sept. 8 – “Steamer Day”
    • Steamer Day and Boats, Kits, & Parts Swap.
    • 9:00am-noon
  • Oct. 27 – “Yacht Days and Pleasure Boats”
    • Chris Craft, Minnows, Orcas, etc.
    • 9:00am-noon
  • Nov. 17 – “Working Boats”
    • Fishing boats, fire boats, tugs, ferries, garbage scows, floating cranes, dry docks, etc.
    • 9:00am-noon
  • December 8-9 – “Pearl Harbor Remembrance Model Boat Run / Fleet Gathering”
    • A run of 1:96 scale ships & boats at Santee Lakes.  Argonauts with 1/96 scale ships are invited to run with the Task Force 96 group.
    • December  8, 2018 — 9:00am – 4:00pm
    • December  9, 2018 — 9:00am – 3:00pm
    • More info:
  • December 15 – “2018 Model Boat Parade of Lights”
    • A magical evening run involving tiny boats and lots of little, beautiful lights.
    • 5:00-8:00pm