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SAIL POINTS, Jan. 8, 2022

Commodore, Mark Hallberg – Have Fun!

Commodore, Mark Hallberg was on hand to kick off the 2022 Sailing Season with an introduction to, Steve Delva, our newly elected and much needed Argonaut Secretary. Thank you Steve!

Mark also expressed an optimistic outlook to this years club social activities as we look forward to award banquets and more pond side barbecues. The fun light is on!

VC Bob Williams.. If you want to get scored in 2022 Points Races.. JOIN the ARGONAUTS! We welcome all sailors!

2022 Membership Form

Ben Reeve was our trusted RD for the day and assembled  an eager staff of volunteers that helped run a smooth day of racing. Tom Warren jumped in with mark setting and mark moving. Ben, Kim, Greg and Gil with boat clean up and storage. Ken Campbell for confirming and posting results. It takes a village. Thank You!

SOLING 50″s all clear!

Weather conditions for the first races of the season were cool and calm with just enough sea breeze to keep our hulls moving and complete 6 races for each class. Seven Soling 50’s started the series at noon in a medium overcast sky with south west winds in the 6 mph range. As the day progressed and the ODOM fleet had their turn on the pond, wind shifted to the right and became progressively lighter and variable. Short courses up and down were called in order to salvage 6 races. A day of challenging conditions and great competition!

SOLING 50’s on the weather off-set mark..
Run to find the wind
Beat to the finish line
Mad flyer to make something happen!


Special thanks to our photographer Sandra, warm hands, Jansky for snapping some action shots in between warming sessions next to the heater. We all appreciate your sailing images!

Ken and two Barbies sipping Corona tall ones.. Typical Navy guys getting an eye full!

If you are an RC enthusiast, big boat sailor or just pond side spectator the San Diego Argonauts welcome your interest into our FUN and challenging hobby of RC Sailing!

Smooth Sailing, Gil

Dec. 4 SOLING 50 & ODOM Points-2021 Championship Results

Saturday seven Soling 50 and seven ODOM skippers wrapped up the 2021 sailing season with an afternoon of challenging pond conditions. The initial wind forecast was hopeful, with upper single to low double digit winds predicted . We actually experienced much less with just the first few Soling races getting an 11mph push here and there. The thick cloud layer and weak variable flow became the force of the day as fleets painfully accomplished six races each.

Dennis Rogers, our RD, managed to keep our sailing efforts relegated to daylight hours by running short course early on. Thank You! Bob Williams was on hand with coordination and registration. Mark Hallberg with the finishing count and emotional support. Ken Campbell is as fast providing results as he is on the water – Thank You Ken!

Bob Williams, Vice Commodore of Sail, continues to reach out to Santa Barbara skippers for renewed participation in the 2022 sailing season and event calendar.. San Diego Mission Bay Model Yacht Pond is the perfect setting for launching and sailing these elegant craft.

CONGRATULATIONS to Ken Campbell and Gerry Wold for an excellent season of RC Sailboat racing.

2021 AMYA DF95 National Championship Regatta

San Diego Argonauts Race Week continues with a three day regatta featuring the DragonFlite DF95 Class. These production RC boats are very well designed for One Design Competition and Exciting Pond Sailing.

Our wind and weather forecast looks favorable for the next few days, so get down to the pond and experience the sailing action.

Thursday, AUG 12 DF95 National Championship Regatta-Scores & Photos

Drone Footage of AUG. 12 Races-Courtesy Kerim Baran

Friday, AUG 13 DF95 National Championship Regatta-RACING CONTINUES

I looks like another perfect day of sailing on Mission Bay Model Yacht Pond. Clear weather and fair winds are the forecast.. Enjoy the day!

Friday, AUG 13 DF95 National Championship Regatta-RACING SCORES

Drone Footage of AUG. 13 Races-Courtesy Kerim Baran

Saturday, AUG 14 DF95 National Championship Regatta-SCORES & PHOTOs

The score sheets from the past two days of the DF95 National Championship Regatta reveal an extremely high level of sailing competition. There are many close score throughout the fleet! Best of luck to all sailors!

CONGRATULATIONS! Mark Golison, Our New DF95 AMYA National Champion
Steve Landeau-SECOND PLACE..
Peter Feldman-THIRD PLACE..
Thank You Again… Kerim Baran


San Diego Argonauts Thank our Event Sponsors for their Generous Support of Race-Week Events and Activities.