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Midwinters 2023

The San Diego Argonauts are hosting their annual Region 6 Midwinters IOM Regatta this weekend and welcomed a talented group of skippers from across the USA, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Barbados. On Friday we also had the opportunity to host a blossoming Southern California Marblehead fleet with a one day Regatta. Twelve Races were run and it was a delight to witness these sleek fast yachts on our pond.

Friday IOM Practice


Despite ominous weather predictions regarding a large cut off low pressure system wandering off our Southern California coast, skies were sunny and we experienced a perfect winter day in San Diego. Winds were a little slow to get going but once the on shore began, light sea breezes lasted through late afternoon. A good day of challenging sailing!

DAY 1 RACE FOOTAGE-Thank You, Dan Shier

Stay tuned.. More good sailing tomorrow!


As we waited for a more prevailing breeze to fill in Fred Rocha presented Special Recognition Awards to our international skippers. Dan Mueller- Brazil, Tony Gonsalves- Barbados and Cristian Plaza- Puerto Rico truly raised the bar at this regional event. Special Appreciation awards were also presented to Dan Shier for Outstanding AMYA Promotion, Derek Landeau- Technical Chairman and Doug Hart- Protest Chairman.

Our beautiful sunny morning was quickly replaced by an upper cloud deck that blanketed our bay. South winds that had plagued us earlier finally shifted right. Heat Number Five-A Fleet started mid day in a light SW 4-5 mph breeze. That said, the entire day winds were light and variable with huge holes and all fleets were challenged. Fred Rocha, determined to completes as many heats as possible, shortened, adjusted and shifted the marks as winds clocked back to the left. GREAT JOB FRED!

Last Heats of the day. The temperature drops.. The winds drop.. and light rain drops..

DAY 2 RACE FOOTAGE-Thank You, Dan Shier


First Place- Daniel Mueller
Second Place- Tony Gonsalves
Third Place- Gary Boell
Fourth Place- Mark Gollison
Fifth Place- Chris Sullivan
Fair Player- Ian Beswick
Corinthian- Jason Brooks

A special thank you to all the participants and volunteers that made this event successful and fun!

Feb. 4, Sail Points-ODOM & Soling 50

Skippers could not have asked for a nicer day of February sailing! Plenty of sun, a few picturesque high clouds and pleasantly mild temperatures. I had anticipated the winds would have been steadier, with an early clearing and onshore flow. That certainly was not the case. Squirrelly would be the best word I could use to describe our pond today. Light variable pressure with an 8mph puff here and there. Challenging!

Volunteers that made today possible:

  • Steve Delva – Race Director
  • Gil Jansky – Mark Setting
  • Steve Ross- Scoring Assistant
  • Ken Titilah – Skiff Cleanup
  • Pat Nevitt – Score Keeper

ODOM Skippers filled the pond first with a fleet of seven. Unfortunately we had a few technical problems that thinned the fleet a little. Check those lines and wires! We need to keep our fleets healthy. Thanks to our good group of skippers we sailed with few fouls and a fun competitive spirit. Nice Sailing!

Ken, Jess and Kim making it go!

The Soling 50 fleet had their shot on the course with a fleet of 10 boats. Wind conditions remained variable and even lighter, so short course rounding became the standard. Great sailing guys!



Saturday, February 11 – 10AM

Rake some green slime and have a good time. Our pond shores and shallows are in need of a little grooming. Let’s eliminate the slippery stuff and stay off our duff.. All hands are welcome..



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