Monthly Archives: June 2024

June 8th Points…

Clouds and Southerly winds greeted the DF95 Fleet as Point races began. Lots of shifts, holes and lead-changes were the order of the day as RD Jason Brooks chose courses to fit the conditions.

The winds picked up a bit, filled in and moved more westerly by the time the IOM‘s took to the pond. Racing was extremely tight as the fleet remained bunched throughout most of the heats. There were many lead changes; many occurring on the final leg!

June 1st Points: Odom & Soling 50

The ‘May Grey‘ is gone! But a bit of ‘June Gloom‘ lingered early in the day as the Odom Fleet began their monthly Points Races in strong yet shifty westerly winds. Thanks to RD David Stong who took charge of both Fleets, set the marks, called the courses and took the results:

For the Soling 50‘s, the winds slackened a bit but the sun cut through for a classic golden-blue San Diego spring afternoon!