Tips for Buying a First RC Boat

If you’re been bitten by the RC boating bug or are just curious about it, we’d like to share a few tips as you think about buying your first boat.  If you’re looking for tips on buying RC boat parts, click here.

1) First question, are you interested in Scale Boats (tugboats, Navy destroyers, fishing trawlers, submarines), Sailboats, or Power Boats? 

We’ll separate boats into these divisions below and suggest you swing by the San Diego Model Boat Pond to check these out in person.

2) Second question, are you looking to buy something that already ready to run (RTR), almost ready to run (ARTR), to build a kit, or to start from scratch? 

Chances are existing group members already have one of the above collecting dust in their garage.  It’s definitely worth chatting with group members as you could get a great deal.

Used Boats:

Second hand boats are awesome!  Many club members are happy to pass along a ready to run or incomplete project boat.  Here’s how to reach them:

Shop Locally:

Check out local hobby shops & classifieds to the San Diego area.

Shop Online Forums:

  • Forums: Online forums like RCgroups can be a great place to find RC boats.

Shop Online Stores:

Check out online stores that can deliver right to your door.*  Here are a few links that might help, but be sure to do your own searching, price comparison & reading of reviews online as prices can fluctuate wildly from site to site.

RTR = “Ready to Run” and typically means it comes with everything you need (boat, transmitter, battery & charger)

ARTR = “Almost Ready to Run” and typically means you’ll need to add your own radio and possibly other electronics equipment to get it running.

*The San Diego Argonauts does not endorse any particular local or online seller.  Always read reviews on sellers and products and make your own best judgment.