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OCT.14-IOM Fun Regatta

Seven IOM skippers participated today in our October IOM Fun Regatta. Ken Wild was our volunteer Race Director for a full day on the water. Thank you Ken for hanging in there for a total of 14 races.. I know that wasn’t in the contract!

IOM skippers sailed a course suggested by Steve Ross, inspired by the recent European IOM Championships. The weather mark was an outside -to inside gate. We did two upwind and two downwind legs and omitted our traditional offset reach in the middle. I think it worked fairly good.. A little more separation between the marks would make it even better.

Steve Ross recorded some drone footage of the first few races but they still live on a tiny little SD card.. once I track down my reader we will be in business!

It was a good day of sailing!

How About Fast & Fowl??

Don’t Forget… November 11


Foster City IOM Regatta-Tom Warren Perspective

Four Argonaut IOM Sailors traveled to Foster City June 10 & 11 for the 2023 IOM Regionals – Dennis Rogers, Jess Atkinson, Jason Brooks and Tom Warren. There were just 13 entries but a highly competitive field leaving Jason and I feeling at least this was a gaining confidence event.  I was desperate for “B Rig”  experience as I was told it can blow stink at the lake. I was also warned of Kelley fish and weed wrapping around our IOM appendages!

As it turned out,  weed and jelly fish were the least of our concerns as Jason and I observed the rock stars show up on Saturday morning. These are the guys our parents warned us about.  

George Pedrick decided to forego the competition and became PRO as Freddy could not attend.  George moved us south of the Rec Center for more favorable course, and we all ran A Rigs the first day. But the winds did not cooperate early as George was able to get off several races before postponements and resetting the courses became the rule of the day. With a 180 wind shift, the first critical races required us to start from right to left and dyslexic vision hampered the rookies. Finding our speed was also difficult and we made major adjustments between the many races thus far. With another 180 windshift and wind building to upper limits of A Rig, Jason took the bait and was the only sailor to mount the B Rig. Unfortunately, he could not overcome the lulls.  Saturday’s end results placed Dennis and Jess in the upper echelon with Gary Boel and Mark Gollison,  and Jason and I scoring in the Top 20!  

Sunday morning brought more challenges to George Pedrick as the City of Foster City booked two events…the Bay Area Dragon boat regatta took our Saturday race course away, and we had to push the course North of the Pagoda and into a short course configuration. And alas the wind gods came to play and pushed us all into B Rigs!  “This ought to be interesting!”  Lots of action!  Be awake!

I quickly found I had boat speed up and down the course- Kantun K2 conditions.the boat from Croatia was flying!  Planing, diving, and a hell of a lotta fun!  I started moving up in the order, but also found close quarter port and starboards required situational awareness. Several times I sailed passed outside the finish line’s smaller balls, and had to circle back, costing me valuable positions.  When George suggested we target completing 32 races total, I felt my last chances of improvement.  Alas!  I steal a second place, then a fourth, and finally I got the start of my dreams, and fought hard for another 2nd place…but dang!  I nailed the final tack and WON my first race!  I did a Fernando Tatis 3rd Base Shuffle and got Congrats from all!  So that’s how it’s done!

We all had an excellent time, and as the results don’t lie, Gary Boel and Mark Gollison went One Two.  The entire fleet gained a great deal of attention from the locals and the Dragon participants, who constantly banged their drums all day long. 

I was very impressed that every IOM player is willing to help each other out, are extremely friendly and enjoy the spirit of competition. There were no protests!  Penalties served without bantering.  And the sailing skills outrageous!  

George Pedrick announced that The 2024 US Nationals will likely be held in Foster City. 

SIGN ME UP!  And the Argonauts need to come up and play with the Best of the Best. They won’t bite!  We will all benefit in enjoying top- level competition with classy people. 

PS Gary Boel paid me off with a cookie!  And Jess…thank you for encouraging Jason and I to compete. You are a true warrior!

Tom Warren IOM #48

The Crew

Hello IOM Sailors,

The regatta turned out pretty good.  We had a bit of a crises as the City scheduled two water events on the same day.  We both needed the same water and the Dragon Boats got there first and had bigger boats.  So we set up a bit shorter course to leeward of them which worked out fine.  The shorter course also meant we got in 17 more races Sunday for a total of 32 good races for the weekend.  The day started out in A rig and switched to B just after lunch.

Special Thanks to Dick Hunter, Sandy Winton, Chris Sullivan, Gary Boell and Gene Harris for their contributions to making the event a success.

I need to confirm with Freddy, but I am confident we will be hosting the 2024 National’s on one of the first two weekends in June of next year.  Pencil it in and start making plans to attend.  Be sure to bring a friend or two.

Thank you to all that attended.  I enjoyed the time we spent together, and I look forward to the next time we cross paths.

George Pedrick

JUNE Sail Division UPDATE

It seems fitting that our June report would appear on the summer solstice with the surprising monsoon clouds pouring in from the east. Did someone just flip the summer switch?

I’ve been absent most the month but it appears lots of good vibes are happening on our pond. The following is an update thanks to the numerous contributions of club members.

Cultivating interest in our hobby is something all of us should be excited about. Sailing is challenging, engaging and fun. It also helps build and sustain our hobby and club. Here is an experience Ben Reeve had to share. It puts a smile on my face!

Hey Skippers,
Just a happy little story from today…
Sharing your controller with a visitor at the pond can be a very rewarding and heartfelt experience.  Today, between races, I overheard someone asking some questions of a skipper who had just taken his boat out of the water.  I had just finished a practice race and went over to offer my controller to the Mom, and her two kids.  They had driven by and stopped on their way to the airport to see what we were doing and were getting ready to leave back to Colorado.  
I handed my controller to Delaney who I found out actually had a little sailing knowledge sailing her very own 18’ day sailor on the lake in CO.  She took to the IOM very well, and here’s a photograph of how she felt about it.
As you can see, she’s all smiles and was having a fantastic time.  After a few moments of getting used to the controls she even started a race, with me coaching and did pretty well. Her brother Evan was on a DF95 shortly after this with another skipper handing over the controller.  Both were all smiles in no time.  They didn’t have much time, but after about 30mins we shook hands with Mom and Evan, and I got a little hug from Delaney for making her day.  It’s safe to say she is hooked on RC sailing! 
SO PLEASE – when someone asks questions, take a moment and share our joys and passion of the sport.  Pretty soon these two will be back, and you can bet they will be hard to beat!  
Wishing you all good winds! 


A Note From our Vice Commodore of Sail, Bob Williams:

We have 15 more Pts Races this year and we NEED to fill the following schedule. If you volunteer for a particular date & you cannot make that date it is your responsibility to find a substitute & notify VCS Bob! It is obvious that sailors do not want to get the skiff out to set & pick up marks.If you are not comfortable about doing this , ask for assistance as I am sure others will help you!! If not, I will appoint you some help! Please email me your volunteer RD dates

Thank you, Bob!

July 2 -Sol50,ODOM , S/B

July 23 -DF95, IOM

Aug.6 -ODOM,Sol50,S/B

Aug.13 DF95 Fun Regatta

Aug.20- DF95,IOM

Sept.3 Sol50,ODOM, S/B

Sept.10- DF95,IOM

Oct. 1- ODOM,Sol50, S/B

Oct. 8- IOM Fun Regatta

Oct. 15-DF95,IOM

Nov.5- Sol50,ODOM, S/B


Dec.3- ODOM,Sol50,S/B


Dec.17-Holiday Lights

2022 Midseason Cumulative Points Update

Thanks to our score keeper, Ken Campbell, posted are cumulative points for active fleets in Sail Division. Club Points Regattas are conducted two Saturdays a month. This year we have skippers sailing DF95, IOM, SOLING 50 and ODOM class RC sailboats on Mission Bay Yacht Model Pond. If you are interested in joining the regatta activity, it’s not too late to get in on the fun.

See You At the Pond, Gil

DF95 & IOM – April Points Races

Partly cloudy and cool temperature day at the Pond. Winds mostly W & NW. Shifty and gusty day. With gusts reaching low teens, we had nine DF95s and five IOMs competing this Saturday.

Thank you Tom Warren and Jon Rogers for RD’ing the DF95s and IOMs and setting and clearing the course. And, thank you Bob Williams for running the BBQ and hot dogs post race! Thank you to everyone else who contributed in making this another beautiful day at the pond.

Before the races, we had a brief Racing Rules Clinic with Ken Campbell explaining the “Port vs. Starboard rules at the Windward Mark”.

The results and some select scenes for the DF95 and IOM races can be seen below.


I trust all Argonauts had a wonderful Thanksgiving.. We certainly have been experiencing exceptional fall weather!

This report comes as a lump sum-up of all activities for November, so lets dive right in. WE have elected new club officers, initiated annual registration with updated forms, called out to ALL Santa Barbara skippers for participation in 2022 sailing schedule and lots of sailing scores.

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2022 Officers:

  • Mark Hallberg – Commodore
  • Ben Reeve – Purser
  • Bob Hirsh – Secretary
  • VC of Power – Bill Bridge
  • VC of Sail – Bob Williams
  • VC of Scale – Rob Wood

This looks like a great team for the Argonauts, for 2022, as we anticipate another fun year of pond activities. Our officers are important for our clubs direction and intentions but also need constructive support and input from all club members. Don’t be shy if you have a good idea that builds a stronger organization.

This is also the time of year for recruiting and sustaining membership. If you have friends interested in RC hobbies, related to our unique pond, please reach out to them. If you are already a member now is the time to refresh your dues. Ben Reeve, our new Purser, will be happy to take care of this matter. The updated membership and dues must be mailed or directly provided to Ben pond-side.  If you would like to pay via PayPal please send Ben an email purser@sandiegoargonauts.com

This past year we experienced a dramatic reduction in the Santa Barbara fleet. As the the 2022 calendar and sailing schedule needs to be finalized. We greatly need input from Santa Barbara skippers with a genuine commitment from at least 3 skippers or we risk the loss of this elegant sailor on our racing schedule. Please contact Bob Williams, VC Sail with your input.

DF95 Thanksgiving Regatta

Thanks to Bob Williams and Ben Reeve this was a fun event. Ben Reeve was the RD and documented the event with this brief:

Today was exceptionally fun day.  Fifteen skippers showed up to race in unforgiving light winds from 3-6mph.  Consistency was the name of game as it is most days.  We attempted to get 12 races in, but after the 7th race we took a break to hope the wind would come back up.  We were able to get another race in and then the skippers voted to call it a day. Which was a good idea as within minutes of that decision the pond went to a glassy smooth finish.  Before I get to the finish order a big shout out to Bob Williams for doing a lot of work today to assist me, and another shout out to Kerim Baran for assisting us with the boat clean up and put away.

Master RD – Ben Reeve
Congratulations Jon Rogers – 1st Place
Congratulations Ken Campbell – 2nd Place
Congratulations Scott Harris- 3rd Place



Smooth Sailing.. See you all at the pond!

October Roundup

In some neighborhoods green leaves are turning to amber and pumpkins baked into pies. With the shorter days ahead we look forward to trick and treaters at our doorstep.

I am certain, most will agree we are “lucky puppies” to live in San Diego where we can play outdoors year round. In October offshore breezes are frequent callers to our pond and teeshirts will soon be replaced with sweatshirts. A little light rain we will weather. But snow and ice are only imagined here.. So we sail on with a smile!

Thank You to Ken Campbell for informative rules clinics, diligent monthly scoring and accumulated 2021 scores. Thank You Ben Reeve for many RD duties that make racing on our pond fun. Helpful hands are always appreciated!



Drone footage (A series of 15 videos of Races 1, 2, Cancelled 3, 3, 5

Thank You Kerim Baran for excellent drone footage and racing rules clinic video.

Sailing Rules Clinic Video 1
Sailing Rules Clinic Video 2



The San Diego Argonauts, Sail Division, is proud to host the 2021 National Championship Regatta Series August 4-August 15 and are excited to share the San Diego Model Yacht Pond on Vacation Isle in Mission Bay with some of the best sailors around the world and across the United States. This is truly an international event!

The increasing interest in RC Sailing/Racing is evident by the number of entries in this years Regatta Series. We are excited to announce these entries in the following classes:

The San Diego Argonauts welcome all our friends and visitors to this special event..

Smooth Sailing, Gil


Just to the east of our little pond, by the wind graph above, you can see we had a typical summer day on Mission Bay. Then add resorts, pine trees, parking lots and other obstructions to the equation.. You get the idea.. This is a pretty challenging place to sail!

A HUGE Thank You and extended hand of appreciation to our Argonaut leadership. This would not be possible without them! Fred Rocha, Rob Wood, Bill Bridge, Sean O’Connor and our new interim secretary Al Waters. These are all volunteers pouring a tremendous amount of positive energy into OUR organization!


“It is such a pleasure to see a fleet of racers that are doing their best to enjoy these little boats and the racing. It is so cool that the few disagreements we have (mostly caused by the distance between us and our boats) are discussed and resolved with very little frustration. You all have a very special thing going. I would venture to say that it’s a bit unique.”  Bueno,  J. Rogers

Thank you to all the Argonauts that participated in todays races. It looks like, from the scores, we have some consistently talented sailors in our fleet that can really read the wind! Check out the cool drone video’s provided by Kerim Baran.



July 17th

July 24th
11:30 Skippers Meeting

July 31st

11:00 Sail Clinic 12:00 – 16:00 Open Water




IT LOOKED LIKE A FUN DAY OF SAILING COMPETITION AT SAN DIEGO MODEL YACHT POND IN MISSION BAY. If you are an RC enthusiast, big boat sailor or just pond side spectator the San Diego Argonauts welcome your interest into our FUN and challenging hobby of RC Sailing!



DF95 Races 4 – 6

DF95 1
DF95 2
DF95 3
DF95 4
DF 95 5
DF95 6
DF 95 7




July 3rd
11:00 Racing Rules of Sailing Seminar
11:45 Skippers Meeting
12:00 – 16:00 Sail Points SOLING 50 – ODOM – S/B OD

July 10th
10:00 SDA Race Week Meeting
11:00 Racing Rules of Sailing Seminar
11:45 Skippers Meeting
12:00 – 16:00 Sail Points IOM – DF95

July 17th
July 24th
11:30 Skippers Meeting
12:00 SOLING 50 SUMMER REGATTAJuly 31st11:00 Sail Clinic

July 31st

11:00 Sail Clinic

12:00 – 16:00 Open Water