Feb. 4, Sail Points-ODOM & Soling 50

Skippers could not have asked for a nicer day of February sailing! Plenty of sun, a few picturesque high clouds and pleasantly mild temperatures. I had anticipated the winds would have been steadier, with an early clearing and onshore flow. That certainly was not the case. Squirrelly would be the best word I could use to describe our pond today. Light variable pressure with an 8mph puff here and there. Challenging!

Volunteers that made today possible:

  • Steve Delva – Race Director
  • Gil Jansky – Mark Setting
  • Steve Ross- Scoring Assistant
  • Ken Titilah – Skiff Cleanup
  • Pat Nevitt – Score Keeper

ODOM Skippers filled the pond first with a fleet of seven. Unfortunately we had a few technical problems that thinned the fleet a little. Check those lines and wires! We need to keep our fleets healthy. Thanks to our good group of skippers we sailed with few fouls and a fun competitive spirit. Nice Sailing!

Ken, Jess and Kim making it go!

The Soling 50 fleet had their shot on the course with a fleet of 10 boats. Wind conditions remained variable and even lighter, so short course rounding became the standard. Great sailing guys!



Saturday, February 11 – 10AM

Rake some green slime and have a good time. Our pond shores and shallows are in need of a little grooming. Let’s eliminate the slippery stuff and stay off our duff.. All hands are welcome..



For more information: https://www.iomusa.org/upcoming-events

For more information: https://www.iomusa.org/upcoming-events

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I'm an active senior enjoying most all outdoor activities. Surfing, SUP, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Sailing, Wind Surfing and recently Wing Foiling. I also have numerous hobbies that include Photography, Videography, RC Sailing and Gardening. When I am not exhausted I'll spend time repairing most everything around the house.. Oh also my 1995 Ford that always need repair.. My wife Sandra loves my energy!