Fun! Sun! Hot Dogs! WAR!!!!

Perfect weather for the DF95 Fun Regatta! Plenty of sun and 10 knot westerly (mostly) winds! For the first time in (recorded) history, the Argonauts engaged in Team Racing. Team Captains Kerim Baran and Dennis Rogers chose their respective squads from the skippers present and each was given a Red or Blue pennant to display at their masthead. Standard Racing Rules were used with the following changes: 1) 2-Boatlength Circles, 2) No ‘Proper Course’ restrictions after passing marks, and 3) No penalty for fouling Teammates. Since scores were aggregated for each Team, individual finishes were not as important as helping Teammates who were trying to hold off competitors. This resulted in numerous examples of Teammates intentionally slowing down or maneuvering to ‘gang-up’ on vulnerable opponents! Lots of dicey crosses, slam dunks, and luffing! Special thanks to our beloved ‘Dog-Meister’ Bob Williams who grilled all the Hot Dogs we could eat (and then some…), and Ben Reeve for scoring the Regatta! Results below:

About William Staiger

After careers in Engineering and Law, William ("Chris") Staiger is now on his 3rd career: Retirement. Chris has been designing, building and racing model yachts for nearly 45 years, but now enjoys doing so full-time. While being a recent transplant to San Diego he has been racing in Argonauts' events since 1980. Chris' wife, Dr. Pam Staiger (also recently-retired) is working on her 2nd careers as favorite aunt to a host of neices and nephews, and a clarinetist with a local symphony orchestra. Together, they enjoy cycling, swimming, classical concerts, and activities with their church.