mini Parade of Lights

Here is one of those moments in which human creativity and nature’s beauty converge to create something stunning…and God smiles.

On January 8, 2015, the Scale Boat Division of the San Diego Argonauts had an evening “mini Parade of Lights” on the San Diego Model Yacht Pond.  You’ll see a variety of scale RC model boats & ships.  Some are lit up with their on-board lighting systems, navigation lights, etc.  Others are embellished with Christmas lights, UL wire, and other creative lighting ideas.  Notice the party going on inside the cabin of the “Dread Yacht” and the way Ken Wilson’s flood lights illuminate his trawler’s rigging.  And in case anyone was wondering, that was “Teapot” with its awesome little Christmas tree.  This even was a new favorite, and I look forward to many more.

Boats present in order of appearance:
1) White Star Billings Boats kit built  by  Ryan Johnson
2) Neptune Cargo Ship Graupner kit built  by Don & Ryan Johnson
3) Bristol Bay (Aquacraft RTR) kit bashed  by Ken Wilson
4) Teapot kitbashed/custom Midwest steam launch  by Rich Perelli ???
5) Fire Rescue 17 (Aquacraft RTR) customized  by David Alvarez
6) Steam Trawler scratch built (1:96 scale) by David Manley
7) Army Tug built  by Ken Taylor
8) Steam Tug scratch built (1:96 scale) by David Manley
9) Dread Yacht scratch built / Victor 32 hull (1:96 scale) by David Manley
10) Navy tug “Odin” Lindberg kit originally built  by Lew Johnson, reworked by “Little Dave”
11) Helen Trawler  Artesania Latina Kit  built by David Alvarez
12) Coast Guard Rescue built  by Don & Ryan Johnson
13) Seguin Tugboat  Midwest kit  (1:48 scale) by Ken Wilson, reworked by Mark Weber
14) USS Tawasa ATF-92 scratch built (1:96 scale) by David Manley Tugboat
15) Karl Tugboat (Schottelschlepper Karl) built  by Will Ottermeir

Come join us on a Saturday morning at the San Diego Model Boat Pond.

Here’s the extended version of the above video: