Revival of Scale Boat Regattas

Wow, based on the awesome crowd and how nicely today went, it’s hard to believe that it’s been 15+ years since our last Scale Boat regatta at the pond. Awesome boats, great guys & gals, and a solid navigation course made for an excellent event.

Many thanks to all our volunteers who made the possible, to all the Sail Division guys who came to check out the scene, and to Neil Boyle of the Power Division of the San Diego Argonauts who was out volunteering at 6:30am!!

Many thanks: David Alvarez, Jeff Sparksworthy, and I made a solid trio planning this event. Rosemary did a great job with food. Thanks to little Davie for the boat rinse table. Thanks to David Manley, Don & Ryan Johnson, and Marty Bunch for judging. Charles, Ryan and Neil get awesome points for all the hard work setting up the course. Thanks to Discount Hobby, Mike Rivera, and Lew Johnson. Thanks to everyone else for helping staff tables and anyone else I’m forgetting.

More photos are here:

Awesome, awesome day!  Great scale boating.  Enjoy the photos.