IOM R-8 Championships: Day 1 Standings

Day 1 showed us plenty of Wind…. not so much Water. Due to low levels and limited liquid real estate, HMS with 4 Heats was utilized for the first day to reduce congestion on the Pond. The result was excellent, clean, protest-free racing. Current Standings below.

About William Staiger

After careers in Engineering and Law, William ("Chris") Staiger is now on his 3rd career: Retirement. Chris has been designing, building and racing model yachts for nearly 45 years, but now enjoys doing so full-time. While being a recent transplant to San Diego he has been racing in Argonauts' events since 1980. Chris' wife, Dr. Pam Staiger (also recently-retired) is working on her 2nd careers as favorite aunt to a host of neices and nephews, and a clarinetist with a local symphony orchestra. Together, they enjoy cycling, swimming, classical concerts, and activities with their church.