2022 San Diego Argonauts & IOM Midwinters Regatta

I trust all skippers are having a wonderful Holiday! This is a perfect time to reflect on last seasons highlights and plan for a fresh 2022 sailing season. Get those boat repairs and rig tuning issues knocked out early and don’t forget to update your Argonauts membership and AMYA enrollments.

Lets get started on our pond with a fun 3 day IOM MIDWINTERS REGATTA, Feb 18, 19 & 20! The days are starting to get longer and winds typically reliable. Registration is now open.

Register for the 2022 San Diego Argonauts IOM Midwinters Regatta


The more IOM’s on the starting line the more fun! Lets make this list grow!

San Diego Argonauts 2022 Calendar

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I'm an active senior enjoying most all outdoor activities. Surfing, SUP, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Sailing, Wind Surfing and recently Wing Foiling. I also have numerous hobbies that include Photography, Videography, RC Sailing and Gardening. When I am not exhausted I'll spend time repairing most everything around the house.. Oh also my 1995 Ford that always need repair.. My wife Sandra loves my energy!