October Roundup

In some neighborhoods green leaves are turning to amber and pumpkins baked into pies. With the shorter days ahead we look forward to trick and treaters at our doorstep.

I am certain, most will agree we are “lucky puppies” to live in San Diego where we can play outdoors year round. In October offshore breezes are frequent callers to our pond and teeshirts will soon be replaced with sweatshirts. A little light rain we will weather. But snow and ice are only imagined here.. So we sail on with a smile!

Thank You to Ken Campbell for informative rules clinics, diligent monthly scoring and accumulated 2021 scores. Thank You Ben Reeve for many RD duties that make racing on our pond fun. Helpful hands are always appreciated!



Drone footage (A series of 15 videos of Races 1, 2, Cancelled 3, 3, 5

Thank You Kerim Baran for excellent drone footage and racing rules clinic video.

Sailing Rules Clinic Video 1
Sailing Rules Clinic Video 2


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I'm an active senior enjoying most all outdoor activities. Surfing, SUP, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Sailing, Wind Surfing and recently Wing Foiling. I also have numerous hobbies that include Photography, Videography, RC Sailing and Gardening. When I am not exhausted I'll spend time repairing most everything around the house.. Oh also my 1995 Ford that always need repair.. My wife Sandra loves my energy!